During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020, I found myself producing and mixing a song titled “Tomorrow”, a collective track made up from lots of collaborators around Norfolk with aims to raise money for Norfolk and Norwich NHS Hospital.

I’ve written music used in advertising material for Konect Bus with their #ChattyBus Project and have also written music for advertisements by Intah.

My musical journey started in 2015. I began experimenting with online production software and developing original music. In 2019, I started developing my own original music as Barwix releasing my first debut album “The Beginning” in December of that year. This was followed by my sophomore album “Overthinking” in September 2020

In 2020 I began my professional career in the world of music production and audio recording. My recorded projects for solo artists such as Ruby Sue, Ewan Martin & Knotted have appeared on BBC Radio Norfolk and Future Radio Norwich.

At the end of 2020, I was part of the production aspect of recording the Cardiff Bach Choir in a virtual environment. The members sent in their vocals individually recorded on mobile phones and mixed with the organ of St David’s Cathedral. The project ended up being a 15 minute concert featuring 27 different vocalists.

In 2021, I spent a large amount of time experimenting with microphones, placement and different recording techniques. Some of the notable work from the year was Knotted’s 9th studio album “The Weekender”, Matt Walters debut album “Living Up In The Sky” and Simon Kindleysides new single “Empty”. During the second half of the year, I mixed some live shows in London at Whitehall Place and the Coppid Beach Hotel in Bracknell.

I have access to a portable 12 track recording setup using Focusrite Saffire Interfaces accompanied by an ART Dual Channel Tube Preamplifier, which is ideal for recording live sessions or location based environments.

Evergreen Audio (@evergreenaudiouk on Instagram)

Alongside my production work, I’m the owner of the new microphone company titled “Evergreen Audio”. The company aims to act as an accessible, educational and environmental way into the world of music production and recording. The two main products you will encounter is the Root P8, a dynamic figure of 8 dynamic microphone that often is used on drums as a wurst mic, or guitar/bass amps in order to capture treble/harsher high end. This is useful to phase invert for a warmer guitar sound. The second is a stereo ribbon microphone called the Root BluR. This is a stereo ribbon microphone that can act as a joint blumlein microphone or will separate to create two individual microphones that can be used on separate sources or separate positions

All of my professional projects can be found under the Discography tab. Go to the contact page to get a quote or discuss a project with me! Follow my social media pages with the handle “@barwixmusic” on Facebook and Instagram in order to see what I’m currently getting up to behind the scenes.