The Weekender is the 8th studio album by Knotted. Produced and mixed in my own studio, I had fun experimenting with effects on the guitars and mixing the wonderfully pure voice by the lead singer Steve Farrell.

Knotted – The Weekender

May: Produced, Mixed

Despite Simon having been paralysed from the diaphragm down for several years due to a brain tumor, he’s got an incredibly powerful song. After writing this song, we got together to record the vocals. The drums performed by session musician Theo Williams-Burchell.

Simon Kindleysides – Empty

June: Composed, Recorded, Produced, Mixed, Mastered

From September 2020 up until June of 2021, myself and Matt took up the task of recording his 18 track album. The album was recorded over several sessions and lockdowns, with an intense 6 hour recording session recording drums for the record!

Matt Walter – Living Up In The Sky

September: Recorded, Produced, Mixed, Mastered


This track is Ruby Sue’s first ever single. Recorded in the studio, we slowly adding the different elements of the tracks. The drums were recorded remotely and mixed in my own studio space.

Ruby Sue – Prove You Wrong

January: Recorded, Produced, Mixed, Mastered

For this project, I was contacted to write some instrumental music to accompany the story behind the video for this project. I played/wrote all of the instruments and ornamentation myself.


February: Composed, Produced, Mixed, Mastered

For this piece, the track was recorded at Ewan’s apartment with a mixture of his and my own equipment. We mic’d up his amplifier and had a session bassist DI’d, accompanied by some drums Written in my studio.

Ewan Martin – Neighbours

February: Recorded, Produced, Mixed, Mastered

Overthinking is the lead single written for my album (of the same titled). The track features layered vocals, melodic keyboard and guitar lines and swung percussion.

Barwix – Overthinking

April: Recorded, Produced, Mixed, Mastered

The Norfolk Collective is a group of musicians who came together to raise money for the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic. The basic track (written by Steve Farrell) was sent to all the musicians, who then recorded their own parts. With the arrangement of said parts organised and mixed by myself.

Norfolk Collective – Tomorrow

May: Arranged, Produced, Mixed

Northern Boy is Ruby Sue’s second single. Similar to Prove You Wrong, We recorded the instrumental parts from a previous studio session and mixed the song during the lockdown period with demos sent throughout the mixing process.

Ruby Sue – Northern Boy

July: Recorded, Produced, Mixed, Mastered

After The Darkness is the second single from my album, and features live electric and acoustic guitar (by session musician Rose Evans).

Barwix – After The Darkness

August: Recorded, Produced, Mixed, Mastered

Holy Ground was recorded by Ewan at home, with myself then recording bass and various percussion parts. Throughout the mixing stage we experimented with the acoustic guitar driven through amps and distortion for the chorus sections.

Ewan Martin – Holy Ground

August: Produced, Mixed, Mastered

Riding The Wave is the lead single from the bands 8th studio album. Everything was recorded individually by the band, and then produced and mixed by myself.

Knotted – Riding The Wave

August: Produced, Mixed

Overthinking acts as my personal contribution to the world of music, with exploration in to personal feelings, love, loss and internal battles. The album contains transitions between the different songs and acts as a lengthy story from start to finish.

Barwix – Overthinking (Album)

September: Recorded, Produced, Mixed, Mastered

During the entirety of COVID-19, the Cardiff Bach Choir had no ways of rehearsing or creating concerts. I discussed recording with the conductor and we came up with the idea of having each member record their own individual parts. This turned into a 26 member virtual choir mixed and arranged by myself.

Cardiff Bach Choir – Christmas Concert

December: Recorded, Produced, Mixed & Mastered